Janus and Michael



Jaman Properties works with a select pool of Investor/Partners who have realized significant profits from their financial involvement in Jaman Properties. Over 80% of current partners are return investors, having participated in multiple Jamans.

During production–a Jaman Property’s purchase, escrow, design, construction, marketing and sale–all investors receive periodic updates and photographs of ongoing development as well as periodic financial statements. Site visits are encouraged and can be arranged throughout construction. 

When each project is launched on the market, Jaman hosts an opening night party for the partners, their friends and colleagues. Having participated in such a creative endeavor, most partners enjoy sharing the results of that experience. 

As with all Jaman undertakings, these events focus on creating stories. Past Jaman gatherings have included such features as the Chief of the Chumash Tribe blessing construction of a house on what had been tribal land, serving flaming pasta for a house in the style of the Amalfi Coast, a wine tasting featuring the varietal planted in the home’s mini-vineyard and the building of a 12 foot high sandcastle on the beach of a house named — of course — The Sandcastle.

Since most Jaman Investing Partners have participated in multiple projects, there is an undeniable social aspect to the experience. Manheim and Cercone believe that the same generosity of spirit they hope to demonstrate in developing Jaman homes should be part of the Jaman investing experience: Life is short... site visits require champagne!

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Manheim and Cercone have proven over more than a decade that they can see what others can't---the possibility of creating unique residences that deliver both value to Jaman's investors and value to the buyer. As investors in 7 Jaman projects to date we could not be more gratified by both the ultimate product or more important, the returns.

-January and Eddie Woods
Investors in Seven Jaman Properties

All of our Jaman Property investments have returned extremely positive results, to say the least. Site selection is shrewd, the cost basis watched carefully with detailed planning, precise execution and excellent investor relations. At all times, we have had a clear picture of the progress and questions are handled graciously and promptly. As a result, Michael and Jannie have earned the respect and the loyalty of all of their investors—especially us.

-Peggy Kirch and Arthur Piccinati
Investors in Five Jaman Properties 

I have had the good fortune of successfully investing in 7 Jaman properties. Jannie and Michael have a wonderful aesthetic and a keen business sense. They are consummate professionals and have been a pleasure to work with.

-Name Withheld
Investor in Seven Jaman Properties