"Situated high on a hill, the home has incredible views"

"Hollywood Producers Remodel President Reagan's Mid-century California Estate"

Lavish Los Angeles estate where Ronald was told 'Congratulations, you're President of the United States'

"We tour a home known as the Riviera White House. It's a unique estate that was once home to president Ronald Reagan."

"ET Insider gets an exclusive first-look tour at the $33,000,000 property on the former Ronald Reagan Estate"

"Inside the Reagan family home: Lavish Los Angeles estate where Ronald was told 'congratulations, you're president of the United States' while he took a shower hits the market for $33million"

Barry Du Bois tours The Riviera White House

"Former Reagan Home Reimagined By Hollywood Veterans Turned Property Developers"

"A Home Staging Pro Explains The Art Of The Sell"

"The pocket listing, the private showings, the parties are all a sequel to a script that Jaman Properties employs to sell their individualized houses."

The newly-built home was developed by Janus Cercone and Michael Manheim of Jaman Properties who incorporated elements of the Reagan's original home into the new building.

"Ronald and Nancy Reagan's Gorgeous Former Estate Is on the Market for $33 Million"

"Elite home stagers decorate with gallery, museum art"

"Jaman Properties maintained some of the home's historic pieces, like the bar where the Reagans entertained guests."

"The mid-century abode where then-governor of California Ronald Reagan got the phone call that changed his life has been remodelled. It is now on the market for nearly US$30 million."

"Janus Cercone of Jaman Properties took "Extra's" Michael Corbett on a tour of this historical home. Watch!"

$33-million spec house pays homage to Ronald and Nancy Reagan home once on the site

"This house has two speeds…one is that you are completely isolated--with nothing but you and the ocean. The other speed is…party!"

"I have moments of 'whose life is this?'...I get up in this house, I get in my car and drive to work, and it's like I've adopted a new personality."

"Marcy Carsey Buys Malibu Beachfront"

"Oceanside home designed for celebrities, by celebrities..."

"Michael Manheim and Janus Cercone list their latest creation in Malibu..."

"Michael Manheim's beach house sells for $10 million."

"NBC late-night host Conan O'Brien is buying a newly built, six-bedroom house in Brentwood for just under $10.5 million."

"Entertainment figures Michael Manheim and Janus Cercone developed the Brentwood home that went to the late-night host."

"This is a great party house… dancing on the deck… it's a very sexy house."

"Living for Today"

"A Celebrity Home in Hollywood"

"We hate to leave the sand, but the horses just don't fit on the deck"

"The home sold three days after it had been listed at $3.3 million; there were multiple offers."

"Hot Property: Twelvetrees"