Janus and Michael

Michael Manheim

By the time Michael Manheim graduated from Verde Valley School in Sedona, Arizona he had lived in eight different houses, studied architectural drafting, built a Navajo Hogan, spent time with Paolo Soleri and met Frank Lloyd Wright.

Though Mr. Manheim’s early fantasies of becoming an architect were crushed by the realization that he couldn’t draw to save his life, in 1986 he began designing and building homes for his personal use, leading to the creation of the real estate development company, Jaman Properties in 2003. To date, Manheim has completed twelve high-end residential properties and is in construction on number thirteen.

In addition to his work in real estate, Mr. Manheim has played trumpet at Carnegie Hall, graduated with honors from Harvard University, produced 15 motion pictures that have earned 35 international awards including a Golden Globe and an Emmy, produced a Broadway musical nominated for a Tony Award for “Best Musical”, served on the Board of Governors of the Producers Guild of America and acted as an unpaid apprentice chef at two of the top Italian restaurants in Southern California. He resides in Malibu, California with his wife and creative partner of over 30 years, Janus Cercone.

Janus Cercone

Janus Cercone grew up in Bronxville, New York where her mother was a successful real estate broker and developer of high-end residential properties. Learning early what makes a house a compelling home, Ms. Cercone applies her skills as a screenwriter to designing unique spaces that reflect character and narrative. She is passionate about home design, believing deeply in the transformative power of place.

Prior to creating Jaman Properties, Ms. Cercone attended Skidmore College on a full music scholarship and served as East Coast Director of Publicity for A&M Records where she frequently toured with bands who also re-designed a few hotel rooms along the way. She exited A&M to return to her roots as a musician—contributing as a singer-songwriter to numerous records, series television and feature films.

In 1985, she wrote her first script, which sold in a day to Jerry Weintraub, launching a career that includes multiple spec sales and 15 studio assignments for stars ranging from Michael Douglas to Johnny Depp. With composer Alan Menken, Ms. Cercone adapted her Steve Martin movie, "Leap of Faith" as a Broadway musical, which received the Tony Award nomination for "Best Musical". Ms. Cercone is an avid equestrian and bootlegger—2015 marks the 30th edition of her home-brewed limoncello. She lives in Malibu, California with many animals and her husband and creative partner, Michael Manheim.