House Calls

"Janus and Michael's keen eye and advice increased the selling price of our home by close to seven figures. I wish I'd had them assess our home years ago so I could have enjoyed the fruits of their wisdom. Next house for sure!" –Debrah Farentino and Gregory Hoblit

“Most builders or designers create a house for who you are. Jannie and Michael create houses for who you want to be.” –Susan Sullivan and Connell Cowan

"It’s not easy designing a home for two humans, one giant dog, an automaton, 4000 pieces of ephemera and a stream of fascinating houseguests, but Jannie and Michael’s guidance created a welcome environment for all." –Ricky Jay

Though Manheim and Cercone’s priority is developing for Jaman Properties, they are available on a limited basis to consult with private clients on the following:

Purchasing a property: This process can include, but is not limited to evaluating the property, advising on purchase strategy including price, terms and timing and, most important, access to the Jaman Property proprietary “Purchase and Development Questionnaire”.

What to expect: Time, money, heartache — the risks and rewards of ground up construction or renovation.

Design and construction: Manheim and Cercone do not oversee design or construction for others but can help chart an aesthetic course. This entails on-site visits concerning best and highest use, potential structure orientation, likely construction necessities or difficulties and, if appropriate, making introductions to their network of professionals.

Furnishing: Though Cercone and Manheim only design interiors for Jaman projects, they are available to consult on furnishing conceptualization, placement and source referrals.

Sale of a property: Cercone and Manheim are available to consult on the sale of a private client’s residential property. This process can include but is not limited to assessing condition, saleability, advising on outgoing price, marketing strategy, staging referrals, repairs or upgrades, contractor and realtor referrals and providing the seller with Jaman’s proprietary “Sellers’ To Do List”.

Saving you from yourself: How will that guitar-shaped swimming pool impact a future sale? And how to avoid the most costly sentence in the English language: “While we’re at it…”