Owners of Jaman residences have included:

“I get up in this house and I have moments of ‘Whose life is this?...it’s like I’ve adopted a new personality.” -Conan O’Brien, The New York Times

"This is a great party house with the fireplace and candles all lit, all the windows and doors open, and dancing on the deck.It's a very sexy house, and I feel it goes with the mood I'm in these days."–Fran Drescher, Malibu Magazine

"My Jaman home is light, open—the miracle of a new house with an old soul—it was love at first meeting, with the house...and its creators.” –Marcy Carsey

Robyn and Bill Bennett

Marcy Carsey

Fran Drescher

Diane Forester

Deborah and Matt Groening

Heidi Hertel and Greg Hodes

Virginia Madsen

Lance Pereira

Liza and Conan O’Brien

Mary Parent

Brad and Nancy Rosenberg

Michael Schwab

Joel Siegel

Scott Weber

Additional names withheld per non-disclosure agreements.