Properties in Malibu Worthy of A-List Celebrities

By Mae Hamilton • February 26, 2020

Situated on a secluded bluff just above the Pacific Coastal Highway and Carbon Beach, is the newly constructed First Point. Far from the crowded beaches, a celebrity could comfortably bask in the privacy of the Malibu foothills here.

This new piece of real estate has celebrity (or at least “very wealthy person”) written all over it. There are lavish touches of luxury scattered all throughout the property. The home features a decked-out chef’s kitchen, a Zen treehouse, dreamy meditation gardens and even a stunning, if probably difficult to clean, amethyst geode sink.

And, if one were to purchase this home at its $11.45 million asking price, they would suddenly find themselves neighbors with a famous musician: Frank Ocean. Chris Cortazzo of Compass holds the listing for First Point.